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  Feb 06

“And by Q4, 2013…”

By Laird Garner, Program Director, Consulting Services It's that time of year. Popular media does its naval gazing in December to tell us what 2012 was all about (politicians started in what…last January?), and all the data trackers started ...[Read more]
Published: 2/6/2013  12:38 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  May 03

Meh ... coupons. why bother?

Ever since Asa Candler issued that first coupon for a free glass of Coca-Cola back in the late 1800's, shoppers have been in love with coupons.  But the question that often comes up is, “Why do marketers even issue coupons in the first place?”  Fo ...[Read more]
Published: 5/3/2012  5:00 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post