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  May 22

The Myth of the Magic Mobile Barcode

By Andrew Coleman, Digital Promotions Planning Manager One of the great joys of working for Inmar is the client access.  We have more than a thousand of them: all shapes and sizes, all products and verticals, all unique and different.  And, yet ...[Read more]
Published: 5/22/2013  11:58 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Apr 29

ACP Annual Conference: New World Discussions in an Old World Setting

by Devora Rogers, Sr. Director, Retail Marketing Insights The annual Association of Coupon Professionals conference (held this year in New Orleans) is a veritable who's who of the promotion industry.  From old school retail veterans to rising di ...[Read more]
Published: 4/29/2013  4:32 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Mar 21

Shopper 3.0 - A New Target for Marketers

By Andrew Coleman, Digital Promotions Planning Manager Feedback from our clients and attendees of last month's Coupon Trends webinar has been overwhelmingly positive about the new format and additional content we delivered this year. (For those who ...[Read more]
Published: 3/21/2013  9:30 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Nov 21

Shoppers Still Want Coupons

Even though Inmar is reporting that coupon redemption is down in the third quarter (off by 22.9% vs. Q3 2011) and the first nine months of 2012 (down 15.7% vs. January – September 2011), it hardly means that consumers don’t want coupons or deals.  I ...[Read more]
Published: 11/21/2012  6:14 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Nov 08

Digital coupons are quickly becoming reality

Digital paperless coupons don’t quite make up a large share of total distribution and redemption just yet.  But at the rate this new method of distributing discounts is growing, it is beginning to shape the future of promotion.  Inmar predicts tha ...[Read more]
Published: 11/8/2012  2:15 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Nov 05

Offers Just Aren't As Attractive

According to Inmar's latest coupon trends, coupon redemption was down significantly in the third quarter – a 22.9% drop compared to the third quarter of 2011.  But why would we be seeing declining coupon redemption while unemployment is high, prices ...[Read more]
Published: 11/5/2012  6:13 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Oct 29

Volatility is the new normal

We all got a bit of good news a couple of weeks ago with the most recent jobs numbers.  At 7.8%, unemployment is now at the lowest level we’ve seen in a few years.  We’ve found that changes in unemployment are predictive of coupon redemption, explai ...[Read more]
Published: 10/29/2012  10:21 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Oct 09

"Is that really what you wanted?" a guest post from Jill Cataldo

I'm so glad to have Jill Cataldo guest posting for me this week!  She is founder of Super-Couponing® workshops and author of the nationally syndicated newspaper column and video series "Super-Couponing Tips,” enjoyed by more than 20 million peo ...[Read more]
Published: 10/9/2012  9:52 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Aug 28

Why not buy and copy coupons?

The recent break up of a multi-million dollar coupon counterfeiting ring in Arizona undercovered the fact that a lot of unwitting consumers are out there buying coupons to offset their grocery bills.  That's further proven by the numbers.  In the Q2 ...[Read more]
Published: 8/28/2012  9:23 AM | 1  Comment | 0  Links to this post

  Jul 19

Seven Easy Ways To Avoid Coupon Fraud

In most meaningful ways, coupons are just another form of cash. No, it’s unlikely that you will see music videos featuring rap stars throwing around wads of coupons anytime soon—but once a coupon is redeemed, its manufacturer owes real money to a re ...[Read more]
Published: 7/19/2012  4:02 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

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