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  Apr 30

Saving to Spend

It was a casual statement, almost an afterthought.  The woman said, "I save on the things I need so we can buy the things we want." She was a consumer at the annual industry coupon conference hosted by the Association of Coupon Professi ...[Read more]
Published: 4/30/2012  10:42 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Apr 24

A Lower Tide Sinks All Boats

Despite the prevailing trend toward increased coupon redemption (+35% over the past five years), first quarter 2012 response was down by 7%.  We can't ignore that there are some emerging issues afoot here -- not the least of which is the improving ...[Read more]
Published: 4/24/2012  4:25 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

  Apr 20

Cut-and-Paste Might Not Cut It

It’s a beautiful ad.  There isn’t a more perfect offer.  And you just ran it as a national FSI drop.  So why not just repurpose it for a magazine placement and an Internet coupon and that direct-to-card program and a direct mail program and on and ...[Read more]
Published: 4/20/2012  9:58 AM | 1  Comment | 0  Links to this post

  Apr 05

Time for our quarterly review!

Yes, it's April already!    And besides the fact that the year has gone by way too fast, we now have three months of coupon distribution and redemption under our belts.  Three months in means its time to do a quarterly review of the trends.  And ...[Read more]
Published: 4/5/2012  11:18 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post