You Already Have The Solution To Urban E-Commerce Pollution

Inmar Intelligence | December 12, 2022


Cities across the nation are under pressure to find their own solutions for increasing e-commerce deliveries. 


  1. Enormous package volume is canceling out the reduction in emissions per package that electric delivery fleets attempted to achieve.  
  2. The traffic congestion and pollution generated from the delivery of all of these packages is wreaking havoc on our environment. 

Municipalities may be able to help curb some of these effects, but only for their own city. That’s too small of a scale to impact the planet as a whole. To make a real difference, the industry itself needs to change.

Carriers can help shape the future of urban delivery in a way that benefits consumers, the planet and themselves.

The solution is already in existence and being used across the globe, in the form of a self-service pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) returns network. City shoppers are the ideal market for this solution since they’re more likely to have PUDO locations close to home or be able to access public transportation to get to one. The challenge lies in building a network large enough both to incentivize customers with convenience and to make this option sustainable. 

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