Inmar Inc. | November 1, 2012

The prevailing view among many is that brands are better off doing less broad-scale price promotion in favor of more targeted marketing. In particular, the marketing focus seems to be shifting toward digital promotion and social media.

No real argument with either perspective. But, does targeted marketing, digital promotion or social media outreach preclude rebates as a strategy for pursuing sales lift? No. No. And, no.

What better target for a rebate on that new model, accessory, size or flavor than those already in the database as prior product-line purchasers.

Are they active online or in the social space? Probably. So use your website to build awareness and excitement about the rebate offer and your social media presence to further engage likely participants. Then, encourage visitors to share with their contacts.

Now you've got targets helping you target!

And, all along the way you'll be capturing that all-important shopper data to help you target future promotions even more precisely. You'll understand, going forward, how best to reach your audience — which channel(s) will successfully deliver which messages to the specific shoppers you're pursuing.

Rebates as an integral part of a targeted marketing mix? Absolutely.