Alise Raak, Sr Manager, FinTech Solutions | November 20, 2020

What’s “In” this Winter Season? Contactless Checkout and Touchless Payments

This holiday season will look different for many people across the country. New menus, new traditions and new ways of celebrating with friends and family from afar. Another key difference this year? Shoppers’ increasing use of, and growing preference for, contactless checkout and touchless payments. 

The Inmar Intelligence Contactless Payments Survey looked into this rapidly emerging trend to better understand how consumers’ burgeoning payment preferences could impact the industry and unearth insights into how retailers should respond. 

Key Findings: 

  • Shoppers want convenience and safety when paying at checkout: 85% of shoppers want a contactless payment experience at checkout for both safety and convenience.  

  • Payment strategy can impact shopper loyalty: 29% of shoppers said that they would avoid a retailer that does not offer contactless payment options.
  • Shoppers are trying new payment methods: 53% of shoppers used a mobile cashless payment option for the first time since the pandemic began.

What should retailers do with this information? Download the infographic to learn more!

Alise Raak, Sr Manager, FinTech Solutions

Sr. Manager, FinTech Solutions