Inmar Inc. | May 1, 2012

A December 2010 study conducted by Harvard University, Brigham and Women's Hospital and CVS Caremark concluded, "Pharmacists at a retail store are the most influential and accessible health care 'voice' in getting patients to take medicine as prescribed." Pharmacy health and wellness programs are a natural extension of such access and trust and are an intelligent way to build loyalty to your store with the special offers and services available.

In the last couple of years, the idea of promoting an overall state of wellness for the customer has taken off at pharmacies - both stand alone and in supermarkets. The desire for a healthy lifestyle and preventative actions is more important than ever with renewed focus on reducing healthcare costs for all stakeholders — consumers, insurance companies, medical providers, manufacturers and pharmacies.

Pharmacy customers are focusing on their health needs, from the medications they are taking, to the healthy improvements they can make to their everyday lives. Pharmacies have the opportunity to play an important role in supporting customers as they make choices to positively affect their health. The range of services that can be offered through a wellness program (without intruding into patient privacy) include wellness checks and screenings for early detection of illness or disease, or simply promotions to support a healthy lifestyle, such as specials on vitamin supplements and healthy food choices. This also includes the proper use of medication, adherence to therapy and watching for and managing side effect and drug interaction as well as immunization programs and in store clinics.

To meet the challenges of privacy laws, some pharmacies are offering opt-in programs, which give the consumer the ability to register certain health concerns to their health and wellness program in order to gain a more comprehensive view of the products and resources that can assist with their specific issues. For example, a person who indicates concerns about high blood pressure could receive information about exercise, healthy cooking and coupons for low-sodium food products. This is also an opportunity to provide promotions for over the counter products to help manage the adverse effects of drug therapy.

Inmar's digital promotion network delivers the access, operations and technology to engage customers more completely with the products they need. By investing in a platform to launch digital promotions, retailers are positioned to offer creative solutions that build store loyalty with the special offers and programs that customers can tailor to their individual needs.


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