Inmar Inc. | April 9, 2012

Inmar has now published its 2011 Coupon Trends Overview -- analyzing coupon distribution and redemption activity for CPGs during the last calendar year. The document points to increased coupon redemption and, not surprisingly, increased activity in the growing sector of digitally delivered promotions (DDP).

Because DDPs (both Internet print-at-home and paperless coupons) are so convenient for users to access, acquire and redeem, they're beginning to significantly affect how shoppers engage with brands -- just as brands are formulating a response to this important trend. But, how best to respond?

The data we've collected points toward a simple answer. While the Trends Overview illustrates that traditional promotions dominate the marketplace, the information also shows that, in the future, it will be a holistic approach to promotions — one combining paper coupons and DDPs — that will most consistently and cost-effectively convert consumers.

Easy to say; more difficult to execute. However, with proper planning, coordination and support from Inmar, this strategy will work — and work well. Using both delivery models, you can achieve desired coverage, while improving targeting and, at the same time, optimize and better rationalize your promotion spend. That's not to mention the information capture...

Consumers are becoming ever more mobile and technology-engaged. It's going to require improved technology to reach them.