Cheryl Black, RETAIL Business Unit | November 18, 2019

There’s Still Room For Success In Traditional Grocery Retail

A recent article from CNN Business offered an assessment of retailer performance in the highly competitive retail grocery space that was an excellent start to the conversation. However, it didn’t go as far as it could have in speaking to the opportunity that exists for properly-equipped grocers (of every size) to prosper – even in the face of growing business pressures. 

While it’s true that some grocers are currently faring better than others in a marketplace experiencing near-constant disruption – as detailed in Inmar Analytics’ 2019 Future of Food Retailing report – the potential for improved performance is not as limited as might be surmised from the reporting provided. 

Yes, there have been more narrow test-and-learn efforts executed by some retailers that returned harder lessons than were expected. But most marketers have come to realize that success today demands a holistic, shopper-first approach that delivers consistent, personalized omni-channel messaging and engagement to clearly identified audiences both in-store and online. 

To ensure retailers can meet that demand, we’ve developed the Inmar Retail Engagement Platform. Combining industry-leading technology with robust, integrated tools, our platform empowers retailers to easily deploy sophisticated engagement programs that seamlessly deliver meaningful experiences that delight shoppers and drive loyalty.

Our platform was designed from the ground up with retailers in mind and built to meet their complex, and changing, needs. It’s a tailored, flexible and scalable solution that enables retailers to efficiently segment audiences and execute campaigns that drive sales both in-store and online – in close coordination with CPG partners.

Today’s shoppers expect convenient and personalized engagement throughout the shopping journey. With our solution, it’s possible to do just that.


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Cheryl Black, RETAIL Business Unit

Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Retail Business Unit