Jason Del Re, Product Marketing Manager | May 26, 2021

Thanks to all of our Retail Media Network clients!

Inmar was just selected as a leading Large Retail Media Network Solution in Forrester’s Now Tech: Retail Media Solutions report. It just proves what we already know — that we have the best Retail Media Network clients in the business.

We’ve recently completed the launch of one of the largest and most important expansions we’ve made to our Retail Media Network capabilities. This expansion is designed to support adult beverage, connected TV and influencer communities solutions for retailers and brands. 

These new offerings allow retailers to support enhanced advertising formats, so their brand partners can reach more consumers across the channels that matter most in today’s world.

The news that we’ve been recognized by Forrester will only drive us to continue expanding our Retail Media Network capabilities for all clients. Time and time again, when we ask them to trust us so we can help them experience the full potential of our Retail Media Network, they give us the green light.

Download the entire Forrester’s Now Tech: Retail Media Solutions report right here.

Jason Del Re, Product Marketing Manager

Sales Enablement Analyst