Inmar Inc. | May 3, 2012

At Inmar, we look at sustainability broadly, that is eliminating waste, regardless of source — in product that goes to landfill, in processes, in inefficient transportation models that increase carbon footprint and drive up cost. In doing so, we minimize the supply chain's negative impact on the environment and on revenue.

Inmar Supply Chain Network helps further clients' sustainability goals in a number of ways.

Our remarketing services kept 117 million lbs. of grocery and consumer goods out of landfill in 2011. Additionally our donation program provided 1.8 million boxes of food product that was used to create 5.5 million meals for the needy in 2011. This product otherwise would have gone to waste. Supply chain services, such as packaging studies have helped clients reduce product packaging, while ensuring that new more environmentally friendly packaging does not increase damage to product (which ultimately results in waste).

Most recently, we have implemented supply chain technology with transportation analysis capabilities that enables Inmar to determine for our clients the most efficient distribution of product in the forward and reverse chains by utilizing the appropriate facilities within our facilities network or optimizing the client's current network. Clients can validate that their returns process uses the most efficient routes and combination of facilities. The results have been compelling within a relatively short timeframe.

With our strategically located, nationwide facilities, we can consolidate shipments and keep product in closer geographic areas. This not only reduces costs for our customers but has a much smaller carbon footprint with millions of miles saved. In 2011, our calculations show our sustainability initiatives helped convert 3.4 tons of waste to energy saving more than 3,880 barrels of oil, generating 2,185 MWh of renewable energy and enough to power 190 homes for one year.

In these times, good corporate citizenship is ever-important with sustainability solutions that are environmentally and fiscally responsible.


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