Brooke Pianalto, Product Marketing Manager | November 19, 2021


Regardless of where they shop online, consumers consistently rank one thing as the most important — convenience. In fact, data shows cart abandonment rates can skyrocket to 80% when there are too many steps, clicks or pages. Done right, social shopping features — like add-to-cart, shoppable live streams, buying recommendations, and influencer integrations — make browsing and purchasing easy for consumers.

Your social commerce strategy should include influencers and social commerce tools. Why?

  • Paid Social Media using Influencer content has a 2.2X higher click-thru rate, and 13.8X times the engagement, than branded creative.
  • Shoppers are turning to digital and social channels for purchase - everything virtual has increased since 2020. Many consumers are open to shopping 50% of the time via virtual channels, and almost 10% would be happy to shop 100% online or via social media.

Different social channels are good for different things.

For inspiration, product discovery and purchase, social media users frequent a slightly different set of spaces. Pinterest wins in the recipe and decor inspiration categories, while YouTube acts as the product discovery destination for a third of all respondents. Final purchases then occur on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Brooke Pianalto, Product Marketing Manager