Inmar Inc. | November 21, 2012

Even though Inmar is reporting that coupon redemption is down in the third quarter (off by 22.9% vs. Q3 2011) and the first nine months of 2012 (down 15.7% vs. January — September 2011), it hardly means that consumers don't want coupons or deals. In fact, they are as hungry for savings as ever.

Shoppers are certainly in a better mood of late, but the marketplace realities are still pretty stark: unemployment is still high, underemployment is significant, real income is down and the USDA predicts "food at home" prices to continue to rise. That means coupons will continue to be a go-to resource in the long term. According to a 2012 Nielsen survey of consumers, 41% report using coupons on most shopping trips, an increase of 4 points more than in 2009, the heart of the Great Recession.