L. David Mounts | August 31, 2015

I find few things more rewarding than those moments in which I sense that I am in the presence of someone or something truly special - in the midst of smart people who are committed passionately to a noble cause. As leaders, we have more opportunity than most to foster and support an environment in which the best ideas rise to the top.

Technology and the rapid pace of change now allow us the ability to create opportunities for our teams to collaborate with entrepreneurs across the globe, and next door, to uncover and develop new solutions that create meaningful change and improve lives.

Over the period of just a couple of months, our first Inmar Digital Health Challenge allowed us and 14 entrepreneurial teams that are doing very important work in the area of healthcare-related digital technology to explore this transformative area. The Challenge presented a unique opportunity to join entrepreneurs in the digital health space with expert mentors and judges from Inmar and industry. While only one idea could be declared the winner, five final teams received expert input and perspective to hone their ideas and commercialization plans that they would not have received had they not participated.

Technology and collaboration through participation in Innovation Districts, such as Inmar and the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, present so many new ways to look at how we innovate and how we operate our companies as leaders. From this Challenge alone, five noble ideas to improve lives through advancements in healthcare were made better, and Inmar along with the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter extended reach to innovation communities throughout the globe.

We may never truly know where all of the seeds planted in these few months land, but we are confident that good work comes from collaboration like that experienced in the Inmar Digital Health Challenge. Please reach out to me if you would like to discuss our experience in this area.

View a video about the Challenge below: