Inmar Inc. | November 5, 2012

According to Inmar's latest coupon trends, coupon redemption was down significantly in the third quarter — a 22.9% drop compared to the third quarter of 2011. But why would we be seeing declining coupon redemption while unemployment is high, prices are going up and times are generally hard? Among the reasons has to be the decline in offer quality.
Average Face Value:
  • Q2 Distributed: $1.47/coupon, -9.3%
  • Q3 Distributed: $1.54/coupon, +0.7%
Average Purchase Requirement:
  • Q2 Distributed: 1.53 units/coupon, +2.7%
  • Q3 Distributed: 1.63 units/coupon, +9.4%
Average Redemption Period:
  • Q2 Distributed: 2.1 months, -12.5%
  • Q3 Distributed: 1.9 months, -20.8%

The offers shoppers have to respond to are just not as good as they've been in recent years and that appears to be dampening the drive to redeem. Add to that the fact that fewer offers were in the marketplace — we saw 7.1% fewer coupons available to shoppers in the second quarter — and you quickly understand why shoppers just aren't redeeming coupons at the same level.