Diana Medina, Director, e-Commerce Solutions | July 1, 2019

With more men living alone, leading single-adult households with children or taking on their full share of family responsibilities, males are emerging more and more as the primary purchase decision-makers and shoppers. Inmar Analytics recently surveyed 2,000 online grocery shoppers and found that 65 percent of male online grocery shoppers do most or all of the shopping for their households.


While it's understandable that long-established gender-marketing paradigms are influencing current e-commerce engagement strategies, it's clear from the data that retailers need to take a fresh perspective on who to target with e-commerce or it could cost them, big time. Read more from Diana on men's online grocery-shopping behavior in Progressive Grocer.


Click the infographic below to zoom in on more insights from our 2019 e-Commerce Study.

Diana Medina, Director, e-Commerce Solutions