Curtis Greve, VP Liquidation | April 17, 2020

Liquidation and Secondary Market Update




  • Demand increased by 20% over the previous week.
  • Secondary market grew in 2019, total secondary market was $633 billion. (Dr. Dale Rogers, Arizona State University and Dr. Zach Rogers, Colorado State University, Annual Survey)
  • Prediction based on comparison to the 2008-09 recession: We could see a 10% growth in the overall secondary market.
  • Three recommendations for salvage dealers:
    • There's been a drop in transportation costs. Review your transportation costs and see if you can negotiate a lower rate.
      • If you're a buyer with us, we provide transportation for our truckloads, but you can also use your own transportation or price check ours to determine what's best for you.
    • Look at your product mix: What can you add that may be out of your comfort zone but is based around what people need?
    • Incorporate the safety procedures you see larger retailers implementing to help your shoppers feel safe.


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Curtis Greve, VP Liquidation