John Helmle EVP, President of FinTech | February 16, 2021

Inmar commits to ending coupon fraud by 2024

Our new fraud technology is FREE for all retailers and CPGs.

We’re taking a bold stand to eliminate coupon fraud by 2024. To make this a reality, we've launched the industry’s only holistic promotion fraud mitigation technology — and we’re offering it to retailers and manufacturers for free! 

Our new, proprietary solution uses POS-integrated technology, AI-based data science, and advanced data analytics to eliminate counterfeit coupons — through the prevention, detection and remediation of fraudulent activities.

Beyond the monetary loss, fraudulent coupons create negative customer experiences and strained vendor relationships: 

  • Shoppers may experience longer checkout lines, and out-of-stock items. 
  • Relationships between vendors are challenged due to unexpected deductions or chargebacks, inefficient reconciliation and lost sales. 
  • Neither manufacturers nor retailers have been able to address coupon fraud at scale due to limited availability of technology-based solutions. 

Learn more about our commitment, our new fraud mitigation solution, and what it all means to our clients, consumers and industry. Learn more about our commitment to ending coupon fraud once and for all! Download our white paper today.


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John Helmle EVP, President of FinTech


John Helmle is Inmar’s President of FinTech. A long-tenured member of Inmar’s finance team, John is responsible for ensuring superior execution of Inmar’s financial workflow and payment processing on behalf of clients in the B2B, B2C, and G2C segments while delivering the greatest possible ROI from client’s investments with Inmar. He also manages the Inmar Intelligence Innovator Ecosystem and is charged with facilitating Inmar’s digital transformation.

John’s professional experience as a finance and accounting executive is expansive and includes extensive development and management of large scale B2B settlement and payment platforms. His expertise in M&A is particularly noteworthy as his career has been marked by repeated success in collaborating with private equity backed entities to build agile, sustainable organizations that deliver exceptional results. A proven leader and team builder, John has a long history of driving innovation and continuous improvement across the corporate finance function while serving as an executive in companies operating in promotions, manufacturing and retail technology distribution. 

John holds an MBA from Xavier University’s Williams College of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northern Kentucky University. He is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in the state of Kentucky. John is also very active in his community with service on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NC and the Arts Council of Winston Salem.