Inmar Inc. | November 13, 2012

ear-end is coming. And, you're looking for a sales lift for that normally good-mover or, maybe, you've got a new product that needs a push. Want to know how to really mess it up? Try these:

  • Do what you did that last time for that other thing. Hey, if it worked "last time," it should work again. Right? How fast can market conditions and shopper behaviors change, anyway?
  • Don't even consider a rebate. Sure, they can be highly effective in driving sales and garnering merchandising support but they're so complicated! All that paperwork and submission stuff — it's a wonder anyone does them in the first place.
  • Do not, under any circumstance, seek outside assistance. Yea, yea — everyone on your team is incredibly busy, but what's another major promotion? I know it's not your area of expertise, but you'll read up. Besides, if the promotion fails, you won't have spent any money outside. That'll cover you. Absolutely.
  • Refuse to do a rebate. That idea, again? Seriously? Yes, technology has simplified the submission process, enhanced the consumer response and made shopper-data capture much easier. Still, are those really viable reasons for providing new and repeat customers with a positive, brand engagement experience?
  • Ignore what's in the database. It's old news. Yesterday's business. Fish wrap. There may be identifiable trends or predictive indicators in all that information you've gone to such great effort to collect, but how are you going find them? What do they call that? Analytics? How does that work?
  • Stand your ground against a rebate. Stick to your guns. The fact that rebates are a perfect promotion for the social media space should not sway you from your position. That digital submission capabilities are driving interest and participation among millennials is no reason to change your perspective. Just say no.

That's it. No promises. No guarantees. Just some things to consider. Good luck!