Inmar Inc. | August 1, 2012

Q: When does good, solid response to a coupon promotion become "over redemption?"

A: Any time an offer exceeds performance expectations — regardless of why.

Sure, strong sales can ease the bite. But, it's still a project with results outside of established parameters. It's still something that went "wrong."

So, how do you avoid taking the hit?

First, make sure you're taking advantage of your Inmar promotion planning team. We've got the experience, and the data, to help you effectively plan and manage toward a targeted ROI — all while staying within budget parameters. Your account team has best practices in design and distribution and, whether you're a retailer planning your in-ad program or a manufacturer executing an FSI drop, you can engage with Inmar Promotion Consulting for in-depth analysis and long-term strategic planning.

Second, employ, fully, the technology that's available. We've just enhanced our Alinea® for Coupons manufacturer web portal to send email alerts when offers perform outside of preset parameters. With these automatic notifications, you can move proactively to address offer performance issues. Master the functionality and you will see benefit.

Coupon management can be complex and unpredictable, but it doesn't have to be.