Ryan Riccordella, Sr. Product Marketing Manager | October 14, 2021

emerging brands shopper statistics infographic

Emerging brands, listen up!

Shoppers are eager to discover smaller, lesser-known brands for a new and exciting buying experience. We surveyed 1,000 emerging brands shoppers and learned that, among first-time buyers of an emerging brand, 89% were likely to purchase again.

However, if you can’t get those buyers to purchase for the first time, does it matter?

Understanding your shoppers isn’t just nice-to-know, it’s essential. With so much riding on initial trial, emerging brands must examine who their shoppers are, their motivations, and behaviors — to be able to influence and engage that first purchase. Our survey does just that, and the results reveal three major characteristics of emerging brands shoppers:

  • Emerging brands shoppers are budget conscious
  • Emerging brands shoppers are coupon users
  • When available, coupons can drive initial trial and loyalty

Download our Emerging Brands Shopper Infographic for a full breakdown of our findings related to shopper behavior. Hint — there’s a huge opportunity for emerging brands to attract customers, maintain loyalty, and more!

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Ryan Riccordella, Sr. Product Marketing Manager