Download Our New Guide and Give These 4 Adult Beverage Personas a Shot!

Griffin Thomas, Product Marketing Manager, Outbound | July 19, 2021

Download Our New Guide and Give These 4 Adult Beverage Personas a Shot!

Not unlike sports fandoms or media viewerships, the adult beverage category hosts a lush ecosystem of unique personas ranging from die-hard brand fans to renegade samplers. The diversity of shoppers within this product category presents as many opportunities as it does challenges, making behavioral data and insider knowledge a valuable resource for marketers. 

Thanks to shopper social data and insight into industry trends, we’re able to distill behavior and sentiment data into strategies that you can use in your adult beverage marketing. With Inmar’s Adult Beverage Persona Guide, you’ll have an in-depth look at four different forms of shopper. Are you ready to bottle up some big wins?

Drink Up The Data

In this guide, Inmar Social Listening data provides insight into four different adult beverage shopper personas. Each of these consumers interacts with their beverage of choice differently, enjoys different forms of media, and pairs drinks with different types of food. Marketing to these personas is easier when you know where to reach them, how to reach them, and what they’ll respond to.

The Spontaneous Seltzer Sampler

  • The Seltzer Sampler is just that — a consumer who seeks new flavor combinations and taste profiles in the hard seltzer space. This persona is less brand-specific, and is swayed more by opportunities to experience new options.
  • Hard seltzer buyers prefer to shop for flavor rather than brand, and will purchase from multiple brands to satisfy specific preferences.

The Fair-Weather Foam Fan

  • The beverage of choice for the Foam Fan is typically beer, though certain factors can motivate selection of an alternative option. Inmar Social Listening data shows that online conversations about beer drop significantly as temperatures rise, hitting an all-time-low in May each year. The Foam Fan prefers to enjoy beer when the weather’s cooler. 
  • Beer fans tend to discuss beer on social media alongside conversations about various hobbies. Marketing that demonstrates a beer-hobby fit will attract this persona.

Two additional personas — and a bundle of great social listening data — live in the complete Adult Beverage Persona Guide. Your key to improved campaigns and increased shopper loyalty is just a download away. Give this guide a chance. We think it’ll really lift your spirits. 

Download a free copy of our 2021 Adult Beverage Persona Guide today.