L. David Mounts, Chairman and CEO | July 21, 2021


The goal of digital transformation is to create a competitive advantage by leveraging technology investments across all parts of an organization. However, technology alone isn’t enough to achieve this goal. To succeed, organizations must invest in brainpower and processes, shift management initiatives and strategies fundamentally, and align seemingly disparate parts of their organizations. 

Insight 1 | Invest in people and processes

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how we interact with technology. This requires a considerable investment in people, processes, and their bridges to technology. 

Insight 2 | All areas of measurement must intersect 

To achieve digital transformation goals, organizations must integrate measurement metrics that were once siloed or separate. Safety, productivity and cost measurements must align with shopper preferences.

Insight 3 | Workflows are macro, not micro

Workflows now involve the convergence of every aspect of business — from operations, customer experience, and revenue growth to product development, competitive analysis, and risk management.

Insight 4 | Orchestration is the new integration

Integration helps make sure many disparate solutions can work together. Orchestration is all about each of those parts working together harmoniously, to compound positive performance and results.

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L. David Mounts, Chairman and CEO