Susan Jones, CPG Solutions | October 24, 2018

Cell Phone Technology Digital Coupon Redemption

The Inmar Data Analytics team recently reviewed a sample of approximately 40 million digital coupon redemptions from 2017 and found that 18.8% of these redemptions occurred within an hour of the offers being "clipped." As shoppers grow more habitual in downloading coupons at shelf, marketers will see digital coupons driving more and more decisions -- and more and more purchases.

Read what marketers and retailers must do in order to further leverage this in-store behavior, grow digital coupon redemptions and drive promotion-motivated sales at Retail Info Systems.

Susan Jones, CPG Solutions


Susan Jones is senior director, CPG Solutions at Inmar. Jones has been a member of the Inmar team for more than 24 years, holding a number of positions involving promotion consulting, analytics, operations, and marketing as well as product management. In her current position, Jones leads a team of product solution experts and business insights managers who craft holistic and strategic solution strategies to address CPG client needs and to drive value.