John Ross | June 29, 2015

During production of the Q1 2015 Inmar Shopper Promotion Report, our Behavioral Analytics team analyzed 16,187 instances of coupon use -- and found just seven percent of the coupons used with a particular product purchase were used by shoppers who said they would only buy the product again with a coupon. Seven percent. That's all.

At the same time, our research found that 34 percent of coupons used by shoppers during the first three months of the year were coupons they "happened" to find for a particular product — and, having found the coupon, added the promoted product to their shopping list and subsequently purchased it.

The takeaway here? Promotions generate awareness, create interest and drive trial. But that's only part of the "coupons as catalysts" story. Our research from the first quarter of 2015 shows coupons significantly affecting — and changing — purchase behavior. In fact, 66 percent of the coupons used between January 1 and March 31 drove changes in purchase behavior. Here's the breakdown:

  • In 42 percent of the instances in which a coupon impacted shopper behavior, shoppers purchased the product sooner;
  • 29 percent of this coupon-use resulted in shoppers buying more of the promoted product;
  • In 14 percent of the cases, shoppers purchased a brand they had not previously purchased;
  • Nine percent of the changed behavior was first-time purchase of a product; and
  • Six percent of the "new" behavior comprised purchase of an alternative product within a normally purchased brand.

With this kind of explicit behavioral data now available through the Inmar Shopper Promotion Impact Report, marketers have the means to gain a true, contextual understanding of the direct impact that promotions have on shoppers -- at both the category and subcategory level. The Report is a penetrating view into the power of promotions that marketers can use to inform more effective shopper engagement strategies and gain a genuine competitive advantage.

Comprising data collected from a continuous, monthly survey Inmar makes of more than 2,200 shoppers who have used a coupon for a grocery item in the past 24 hours, the Report represents an entirely new level of business intelligence that goes well beyond that provided by transactional metrics alone. The Report is released quarterly, and at year-end, is available only by subscription.

I invite you to contact your Inmar Account Team to learn more about the Inmar Shopper Promotion Impact Report and see exactly how coupons are catalyzing shoppers.