Rob Zomok, Global Operations | January 3, 2018

Customers Shopping Returns Experience

Are you bracing for National Returns Day, January 3, or celebrating it as a customer-engagement opportunity? Did you know more than 1.4 million packages will be returned today alone? An estimated $9B worth of merchandise will be returned in this season's holiday returns aftermath. UPS expects to ship 5.8 million return packages this week alone. As e-commerce sales boom, poor returns experiences could make for a customer-satisfaction bust. Learn how Inmar can handle your returns AND help you satisfy customers.

E-commerce players and omnichannel retailers can't expect to compete anymore without an updated returns strategy. With shoppers having returned more than a million packages each day during this holiday season, your old strategy just won't cut it anymore. Where 92% of shoppers say they'll buy from you again when returns are easy, the most competitive e-tailers this year will have a comprehensive returns solution. Inmar can help your shoppers have an easy return experience and fuel your business with critical returns data that informs better decisions on pricing, return policy, forward planning and product mix, liquidation, vendor policy and more.

Rob Zomok, Global Operations

President, Global Operations