Inmar Inc. | May 9, 2012

Recently, Media Post reported that "B. Bonin Bough, VP, global media and consumer engagement at Kraft, said he was committed to shifting budgets at the CPG giant increasingly to digital and mobile platforms."

Now Bough has been on the cutting edge of marketing for a couple of years now. He made a memorable mark at PepsiCo, establishing Gatorade's social media mission control that set new standards of excellence for brands entering the world of social networking. So the fact that he's promoting digital marketing as the next big thing isn't surprising.

But the news is that big brands like Kraft are starting to put their money where the mouths of digital mavens like Bough are. This is no longer theoretical. This is no longer just something a few edgy brands are tinkering with. Digital is still decidedly cool. But it seems that it's getting to be practical too.

But what about digitally-delivered promotions?

Well, the predessor to purely digital promotions, the Internet print-at-home coupon, is solidly one of the most important methods of coupon distributions, garnering nearly 5% of all of the coupons redeemed. It's also consistently attracting more distribtution spending from the brands year-over-year. So from that perspective, digital promotions are, indeed, practical while hanging on to at least a bit of their "cool."

As for truly paperless offers, brands haven't quite embraced them at the same level. But it's not for lack of desire. The speed bumbs have been issues like retail accpetance, the plethora of distribution options (and corresponding standards) and some concerns over exactly how they work for shoppers.

Where there's money, there's intent. And as Bough's comments suggest, the intent from brands is to make digital marketing work. The challenge in the near term is making the promotion piece of that pie work as well as the traditional promotional methods have for over a century

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