Brooke Pianalto | April 19, 2021

Build a smarter, more comprehensive strategy to attract all types of back-to-school shoppers.

Marketers and shoppers are already beginning to plan for the new school year ahead. While the key back-to-school shoppers remain consistent year to year — parents, students, and teachers — the best ways to reach those shoppers are ever-changing. The key to success? A data-supported strategy from end to end. 

We understand how parents, teachers, and college students are gearing up for class — and which tactics you can use to reach different types of shoppers strategically and effectively. Class is now in session! 


Back-to-School conversations among parents begin to increase in late June, and by the week of 8/16 conversations are 218% higher than the weekly average. Moms and Dads are both active in these conversations with 38% of conversations coming from Dads and 62% coming from Mom.


Back-to-College conversations among students are fairly consistent throughout the year, but begin to increase in late July. By the week of 8/16 conversations are 96% higher than the weekly average. Conversations about college are split evenly between Men and Women, with both groups talking about studying, friends, and graduation. 


Back-to-School conversations among teachers begin to increase in late July, and the week of 8/23 conversations are 1,841% higher than the weekly average. Teachers are actively planning, and making purchases for back-to-school. 57% of conversations mentioned purchase intent. 

Are you ready to cram for back-to-school season? Download our Back-To-School Persona Guide for some lessons on how to reach different shoppers this season. There are lots of valuable insights that can help you earn an A+ this fall. 

Brooke Pianalto