Spencer Baird, EVP & President, Martech | February 22, 2021

In this omnichannel world, customer loyalty is hard to earn and maintain. The secret is personalization, not technology.

There’s nothing like loyal customers. They shop with you more often, tend to fill larger baskets, and love to tell their friends about you — which starts the process of creating ADDITIONAL loyal customers. 

However, in today’s omnichannel world, loyalty is hard to earn and even harder to maintain. The secret? It isn’t technology, it’s personalization — making sure you’re meeting your shoppers’ needs before they even know what they are. When it’s done right, it feels like magic to shoppers.

It’s time to get personal, and to create a lasting bond with your shoppers, using these 10 Foolproof Facts About Loyalty in the Digital Transformation Age.

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Spencer Baird, EVP & President, Martech