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As the popularity of digital promotions grows among both consumers and providers, the debate (argument?) over traditionally-delivered paper coupons versus digital and print-at-home is intensifying, as well. The irony is that while it is a matter of choice, it is not about choosing one channel over the other but, rather, choosing how best to use them together.

Each method has its advantages and each has its audience. Used together, they can maximize coverage without busting budgets or overtaxing operational resources.  Easily coordinated and independently targeted, the three channels combined represent a powerful and effective outreach strategy capable of engaging shoppers throughout the country.

The convergence of paper coupons and digitally-delivered promotions is already underway and those who would take full advantage of the collective functionality are actively pursuing the perfect media mix. Whoever gets there first, wins. But, finding the right formula (and the best metaphor) isn’t easy. You’ll probably need some help. That’s why Inmar is here.

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