Inmar Intelligence | April 6, 2021

Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven, technology-enabled services company, today announced Tops Friendly Markets, a U.S. grocery retail chain, is expanding its use of Inmar Intelligence’s Retail Cloud to include targetable and attributable on-site and off-site media at scale for its supplier partners. Leveraging these additional capabilities as a part of the Tops Shopper Link Digital Media Network will allow suppliers to access ad placements on, shopper-targeted off-site ad placements across programmatic media and paid social, and real-time sales reporting at the UPC level.

Tops Markets is currently an Inmar Intelligence partner for shopper incentives and loyalty, through which digital promotions are integrated into supplier campaigns. The retailer’s expanded use of the Retail Cloud will increase its access to Inmar Intelligence’s breadth of media and marketing capabilities, advanced technology and will enable its sales and service organization to drive shopper and supplier engagement. By using the Retail Cloud, retailers like Tops can offer and execute integrated programs across incentives and media, drive customer engagement and sales, and further accelerate their digital transformation. 
“We are excited to introduce Tops Shopper Link, in partnership with Inmar Intelligence, to connect the great brands and services we offer in our 162 Tops stores and on with our 2 Million qualified shoppers at the moment they are interacting online,” stated Diane Colgan, Senior Vice President with Tops. “This digital media network will help these brands amplify and extend their marketing strategies with us in an efficient way and while building to mutual sales benefits.”

This comes at a time when retail professionals are looking to increase their commitment to and investment in retail media networks. A recent Inmar Intelligence survey indicated that the biggest motivator for implementing a retail media network is to drive sales (58 percent) and create new revenue streams (36 percent). What’s more is that retailers are looking for ways to expand these networks and add new capabilities to maximize reach and engagement with customers in new ways. 

“We are delighted that Tops Markets has chosen Inmar’s Retail Cloud to build out their Shopper Link Digital Media Network,” said Spencer Baird, Executive Vice President and President of Inmar Intelligence's MarTech division. “It is our goal to not only enable scalable retail media solutions for organizations like Tops, but to create full retail marketing platforms that seamlessly integrate marketing and merchandising activities, deliver a better experience for the shopper, and drive results.”

Inmar Intelligence’s Retail Cloud is powered by ShopperSync™, a data intelligence platform that enables retailers to leverage their first-party, anonymized transactional data across all media and promotions channels in their network while managing permissions and governance rights. 

For more information about Inmar Intelligence’s Retail Media Network please visit our Retail Cloud page.


About Tops Friendly Markets

Tops Markets, LLC is headquartered in Williamsville, NY and operates 157 full-service supermarkets with five additional franchise stores and is the largest private, for-profit employer in Western New York.  As a leading grocery retailer in New York, northern Pennsylvania, and western Vermont, and with the support of 15,000 associates, our core mission is to help our communities flourish.  We support programs that seek to eradicate hunger and disease; promote the education of our youth; and to ensure we reduce environmental waste and energy consumption while providing our customers with sustainably sourced, high quality products.  For more information, visit Tops Markets.

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