Karla Barnes | July 17, 2018

Inmar's New EBT Processing Platform Brings Digital Innovation and Modernization

Today, Inmar announced EBT Empowered™, the next generation of EBT processing technology. Utilizing proven, web-based technology that features high security and scalability, EBT Empowered will offer superior EBT processing and can be adapted for future innovations such as mobile EBT and online purchasing. The platform design will not only focus on processing and settlement enhancements, but will also offer ways the government can engage with EBT shoppers.

"According to the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of all Americans, and 67 percent of Americans who earn less than $30,000, own a smartphone. Today's mobile-first culture, combined with the need for assistance in making healthy food choices, show us that a more innovative and easy-to-use EBT system is more important than ever, and the time is now to modernize and innovate the technology," said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar.

EBT Empowered will deliver EBT processing innovations that 1) enhance government program administration through improved efficiency, data analytics that drive better outcomes, and system uptime rates over 99.99 percent, 2) benefit retailers by streamlining multiple benefits into one transaction, increasing checkout speed and reducing audits, and most importantly, 3) empower EBT shoppers with digital promotions and nutritional engagement tools in order to afford and adopt healthier lifestyles.

Inmar's EBT Empowered innovative features will include:

  • Mobile EBT Delivery — The adoption and usage of smartphone technology among shoppers is increasing. Inmar will offer EBT shoppers the ability to visit grocery stores without the need of an EBT card, and use smartphones at checkout providing additional convenience and reduced stigma. SNAP recipients can at times feel labeled when using their EBT cards at checkout. By using their smartphones, onlookers are not able to identify them as SNAP recipients.
  • Digital Coupons — Delivering "opt-in access" to find digital promotions via mobile app and online cardholder portal enables EBT shoppers to easily find and utilize these coupons in order to stretch their monthly benefits, affording more food for their family and improve access to healthier alternatives, which oftentimes are more expensive.
  • Nutritional Engagement — Using their smartphones, EBT shoppers will have access to robust nutritional information on grocery products including healthy recipes, nutritional scores based on product composition and other educational materials.
  • Reduced Fraud, Waste and Abuse — EBT Empowered will have the capability to turn on UPC-level transaction data feeds from retailer locations to populate automated fraud detection and prevention. Based on set criteria and thresholds, alerts can be issued for investigative audits.
  • Enhanced Disaster Response — During disaster scenarios such as hurricanes and floods, EBT Empowered will deliver D-SNAP benefits via smartphone without the need for physical EBT card issuance.

National Grocers Association (NGA) President and CEO Peter Larkin stated, "In addition to shifting consumer preferences, technology is another area that continues to evolve and profoundly impact the retail grocery business. While the landscape is rapidly changing, many independent grocers are taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies to reach new customers and better meet their needs. I look forward to seeing results from Inmar's innovative solution as it enters into the EBT processing system."

"Inmar's technology used for developing EBT Empowered already exists in 140,000 retail locations throughout the country and handles 53,000 transactions per second," added Mounts. "Our new technology provides SNAP recipients with unlimited access to better services, information and opportunities for a healthier lifestyle. The superior EBT processing performance and operational efficiency will help state and federal government provide best-in-class EBT service and assistance and we look forward to soon working with a state partner to help SNAP recipients strive toward a better tomorrow."

For more information about Inmar's EBT Empowered, or to pilot the mobile solution, please visit https://www.inmar.com/inmar-solution/ebt-empowered/.


Karla Barnes