Inmar Intelligence | August 28, 2019

Inmar's Collective Bias Expands its CPV Pricing Model to Blog and YouTube

Inmar, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, today announced that its influencer marketing platform, Collective Bias, has expanded its Cost-Per-View pricing model to include influencer-created blog and YouTube content. The model, originally launched in 2018 for Instagram, is the first of its kind and is designed to give advertisers full visibility into content performance by allowing them to purchase verified content views across multiple channels, and monitor real-time metrics via the Collective Bias dashboard.

For the first time, advertisers are guaranteed verified views of influencer-created content before signing up for a campaign, without the guarantee relying completely on the delivery of ad impressions. Across the industry, many providers have adopted a model that guarantees only ad-based impressions of the content influencers create, thereby devaluing organic views of their content and the relationships they have developed with those who follow them. With this change, Inmar's Collective Bias platform offers a model that champions organic viewership of content and supplements influencers' work with the addition of targeted amplification, all while guaranteeing performance for advertisers.

The unique model guarantees all content views are platform-verified. This is a valuable offering, considering more than half of the posts published on a given channel are viewed by less than 10 percent of an influencer's total followers. Since its initial launch last year, the Instagram CPV model has showcased real value for clients, with several seeing more than an 80 percent increase in validated content views.

Inmar's Collective Bias uses its FitScore™ matching algorithm to determine the best influencers for a campaign, based on predictive modeling that forecasts how a given influencer will contribute to a campaign. By using advanced classification algorithms combined with Natural Language Processing (NLP), the model takes into account performance on previous campaigns and on posts specifically related to priority keywords in the upcoming campaign, as well as audience insights for the given influencer. Inmar has access to first-party reporting and a deep understanding of each influencer and audience, enabling the company to help advertisers more accurately evaluate the success of a campaign.

"According to a recently released study from the University of Baltimore and Cheq, influencer marketing fraud will cost brands $1.3 billion in 2019. Our goal with this model is to make purchasing influencer marketing as transparent and validated as any other digital media buy," said Leah Logan, VP, Media Products, Inmar Collective Bias. "Just as publisher platforms have standards in viewability and brand safety, we are offering the same guarantees with influencer posts. We are making deceptive practices irrelevant and incentivizing creators who are truly connecting with their audience and providing meaningful content. It's a winning approach for all stakeholders within the influencer marketing industry."

The new pricing structure provides marketers with an alternative to the industry's standard pricing, which is based on an influencer's follower count or potential reach. With this new model, the platform eliminates risk and waste for the media buyer and allows them to purchase influencer media in the same way they purchase other forms of media.

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