Inmar Intelligence | December 20, 2018

Inmar's Collective Bias Becomes the First Influencer Marketing Company to Offer CPM Pricing Based On Verified Exposure of Instagram Content

Today, Collective Bias, Inc., the innovative leader in influencer marketing, and an Inmar company, announced that the company is the first in the influencer marketing space to offer a pricing model in which clients only pay for verified influencer post views through Instagram-validated delivery data. Brands will have the ability to know exactly how many views their content will receive prior to their campaign going live and will only pay for the exposure they actually receive on Instagram.

Through providing guaranteed Instagram Content Views, Collective Bias is transforming the way that advertisers plan, execute and measure the impact of using Instagram influencers to drive results by offering complete transparency into performance. With the platform-verified views on all influencer content, including all organic views and ads, some clients may see increases in validated content views upwards of 80 percent.

"We are thrilled to offer a solution that goes beyond basic reach metrics and alleviates the guesswork of forecasting the impact an influencer can make, by providing a front-end guarantee for actual views on an influencer's post," said Ali Mirian, SVP Product at Collective Bias. "The industry has created a witch-hunt within influencer marketing as there has been an increased scrutiny on influencers' potential to game the system by paying for followers and engagements. With this pricing structure, it won't matter how much influencers try to inflate their potential value, we are guaranteeing all impressions are 100 percent viewed and verified for our clients."

Pilot partners include Danone, Saatchi & Saatchi X, and Chobani.

"Prior to working with Collective Bias to ensure that all of our Instagram post analytics are verified views, we were at a loss for understanding the impact that our posts had on our social audience," said Jessa Mehlhoff, Shopper Marketing Manager - Walmart at Danone. "The current influencer marketing landscape fosters fraud at an astounding rate, so we consider it critical to have a trusted partner like Collective Bias to help us verify Instagram analytics and navigate around potentially brand threatening situations with bots and fraudulent accounts. We can be more confident in the numbers we're using to determine the ROI of programming when they come from a trusted source."

Research from Collective Bias revealed that, on average, only 12 percent of followers see an influencer's post on Instagram. The traditional pricing models charge the advertiser with the assumption that 100% of followers will see the post even though only a fraction actually do. With this new structure, Collective Bias is transferring the risk from the media buyer to the platform.

"Across the entire influencer marketing industry, payment for Instagram influencers has been based on follower counts, which can be impacted by fraudulent activity and is not a reliable indicator of performance," said Mirian. "With any media buy today, marketers rightfully demand the impressions they buy are 100% in-view. Why should influencer media be any different? This is precisely the problem we set out to solve. Brands and agencies will now be able to buy influencer media the same way as all other forms of media."

The Collective Bias dashboard provides Instagram reporting and accompanying insights in real-time. The reporting solution is automated, platform-verified and provides the full lifetime value of each influencer's post compared to other offerings that only capturing data available at a single moment in time.

As with all Collective Bias campaigns and products, all influencer-created Instagram content will continue to be backed by the company's Brand Safety Guarantee.

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