Inmar® Intelligence and Join Forces to Provide the First, True End-to-End E-Commerce Solution for Online Retailers

Inmar Intelligence | June 17, 2020

Leading e-commerce fulfillment and return providers now offer a full-spectrum service solution, enabling fulfillment and returns management on almost any e-commerce platform., the world’s preeminent provider of e-commerce order fulfillment services to high-volume independent Internet retailers, and Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, announced today a joint venture that provides online retailers with the first, true end-to-end e-commerce solution. This offering covers the complete spectrum of fast, reliable e-commerce product fulfillment and movement of returns back into saleable stock with no transportation expense.

This collaboration combines Inmar Intelligence’s RESKU Returns e-commerce platform with’s proprietary Cloud-based e-commerce order management system. The returns and fulfillment solution is compatible with almost any e-commerce platform, unlike other solutions on the market that are limited by smaller facility numbers, transportation costs and singular e-commerce platform restrictions.

“Recent online shopper behavior has shown that returns are no longer an afterthought – they are very much a part of the purchase decision,” said Rob Zomok, President of Global Operations at Inmar Intelligence. ”Inmar Intelligence is committed to extending the life of returned products - in fact we keep more than 95 percent of returns out of landfills. When destruction is called for, it’s done through an energy-from waste program that generates power with the energy equivalent of 10,000 barrels of oil each year. This solution is ideal for any e-commerce business, large or small, and we’re excited to provide this much needed support. For far too long, online retailers have lived without the ease and effectiveness of data-informed returns processing coupled with reliable, speedy fulfillment. Now they can have it.” 

In this joining of ecosystems,’s proprietary Cloud-based e-commerce order management system delivers products to online shoppers quickly, reliably and more cost effectively. ships the right product at the right time to the right address at the right price, and at lower cost than Amazon FBA. 

“The e-commerce world has waited long enough for a connected end-to-end fulfillment and returns solution. It’s huge to finally have the powerful efficiency of a full-spectrum solution that saves time and money for e-commerce merchants,” said Justin Singletary, CEO of “The significance of our combined facility networks and the synergy of our speed, logistics and data simply cannot be ignored.”

When a shopper decides to return a product, Inmar Intelligence’s RESKU Returns e-commerce platform helps online retailers reduce losses on returns, maximizing the amount of products that can be returned to stock for full-price sale quickly, usually within 48 hours of receipt.

RESKU Returns seamlessly provides an easy-to-use return interface to help shoppers quickly and easily initiate their return and track the returned product’s progress for higher customer satisfaction. Inmar Intelligence enables merchants to see returned orders and automatically capture the associated data to support smarter, more cost-effective business decisions. Inmar Intelligence has routinely reduced merchants’ speed-to-credit from weeks to days, especially when they want to inspect returns before providing a refund, in turn better controlling costs.

Both Inmar Intelligence and have extensive facility networks, with more than 30 locations between the two companies. This saves e-commerce merchants money on shipping by handling items in facilities closest to shoppers’ locations and enabling confidence in improved speed to refund on returns.’s U.S. facility locations enable 1-2 day delivery by ground to 99.97 percent of the continental U.S. With balanced distribution from all four centers, it can make next-day delivery by ground to 68 percent of the continental U.S. population.

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About is the preeminent provider of B2C e-commerce fulfillment services to high-volume independent Internet retailers worldwide. ships the right product at the right time to the right address at the right price. With millions of orders shipped,'s performance is unsurpassed: 

  • Right Product - 99.9% of all orders are shipped with the correct product.

  • Right Time - 99.8% of all orders are shipped the same day they are received.
  • Right Address - 99.9% of all orders are accurately shipped to client-provided addresses.
  • Right Price -’s fulfillment pricing is at a lower cost than Amazon FBA.'s proprietary e-commerce order management system is Cloud-based and real-time. It’s OMS is already integrated with more than 70 of the world's top shopping carts, e-comm platforms, CRM, ERP and marketplaces and also has an open API available for connection for custom integrations. is integrated with Amazon in the US, CA, AU, the UK and the EU and can fulfill Amazon orders from any or all of these marketplaces.

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