Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions Announces Expanded Agreement with the United States Postal Service

Inmar Intelligence | November 8, 2022

Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions, a leading provider of post-purchase customer experience and e-commerce returns solutions, today announced its participation in the United States Postal Service Connect® E-commerce program, which offers discounted Priority Mail® rates and 15% off Commercial Plus Pricing rates. This will further enable Inmar to lower shipping costs for customers while national carriers continue to increase their standard rates. In addition to the rate hikes, many shippers are having to pay more for residential deliveries, oversized items and fuel surcharges, making cost savings in post-purchase operations paramount in preserving profit margins.

“Our agreement with the U.S. Postal Service will deliver added value and significant cost savings for our merchants,” said Dan Nevin, General Manager of Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions. “These postal rate savings, combined with our digital returns platform and nationwide network of returns processing facilities, delivers the most economical, end-to-end solution available in the marketplace.”

The volume of e-commerce returns continues to skyrocket and set record highs, even after the peak of the pandemic. This, combined with the growth of e-commerce and escalating inflation, has been eroding margins for those engaged in digital commerce. Reduced postal rates and “zone-skipping” opportunities enabled by Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions aim to neutralize returns processing costs and enable online sellers to use aggressive return policies as a competitive tool for enticing shoppers in a crowded marketplace. For more information about Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions, click here.