Inmar Inc. | May 29, 2018

Inmar Launches LifeInCheck™ Prescription Drug Plan

Inmar announced today the launch of LifeInCheck prescription drug plan, which provides uninsured or underinsured consumers, along with those who have high deductible prescription insurance plans, with easy access to substantial savings on prescription drugs. The new direct-to-consumer membership program offers consumers a monthly or yearly subscription option to ease out-of-pocket expenses on prescription medications.

"Many people today struggle to combat ever-increasing prescription drug prices," said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar. "Through our relationships with more than 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S., we can offer thousands of medications at significant savings, and some at no cost. Consumers no longer need to make tough decisions when it comes to selecting proper medications based on price, and can instead rely on LifeInCheck for substantial relief."

The LifeInCheck prescription drug program provides members access to over 175 common prescription drugs at no cost, and up to a 90% discount on other prescription medications. LifeInCheck offers consumers two subscription options: $14.95 per month to cover all members of the household —OR— $149.95 per year to cover all members of a household.

"LifeInCheck members will also have guidance from reliable and professional staff when deciding between specific prescription drugs," said Mounts. "The education associated with this program provides another layer of benefits for those who need it most - from seniors to young adults off their parents' healthcare insurance for the first time, to families with little to no insurance access, to entrepreneurs who manage their own insurance plan. The LifeInCheck prescription drug program provides more than just cost savings. We recognize a great need to provide Americans with a solution that offers comprehensive assistance with prescription drugs."

The LifeInCheck prescription drug membership program will be promoted directly to consumers through and Inmar's existing Digital Promotion coupon galleries. LifeInCheck membership will also be available through some employers as an added employee benefit.

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