Inmar Intelligence’s New LifeInCheck™ EBT Processing Solution Launches in the State of Louisiana

Inmar Intelligence | June 29, 2020

LifeInCheck™ EBT begins processing EBT payments for the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, serving roughly 680,000 households. 

Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, launched its new LifeInCheck™ EBT processing solution with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services. This innovative web-based technology that focuses on security and scalability has begun processing EBT payments for roughly 680,000 Louisiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) households.

“Inmar Intelligence is delighted to be working with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services to provide the needed innovation for State benefit administration and recipient well-being,” said David Mounts, Chairman and Inmar CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “We look forward to taking this first step of modernizing the EBT industry to help make transactions reliable, efficient, accurate and simple so that recipients can easily access the benefits they need to enrich their lives. Through the development of LifeInCheck™ EBT, we are committed to improving engagement and communication with EBT recipients.”  

LifeInCheck™ EBT streamlines benefit administration for the State, while also providing recipients with an easy-to-use, convenient mobile application. The innovative solution offers modern platform advantages for State users, including high system uptime, easier system integration capabilities, user-friendly State administration terminal interfaces, cloud technology and advanced data analytics tools. These features help to identify operational inefficiencies, optimize case management functions, bolster system uptime preventing outages, and combat fraud and suspicious transactions. 

There are a variety of tools and features available on the mobile application and website that promote convenience and accessibility for SNAP, P-EBT & TANF households, including: SNAP/P-EBT & Cash Balances, Next Available Benefit Date, Report Lost or Stolen Cards, Request Replacement Cards, PIN Selection, Recent Transaction History, and Helpful SNAP & Cash Information. In the future, the LifeInCheck EBT mobile app will showcase innovations such as digital coupons, nutritional engagement and mobile EBT transactions.

“The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services is excited about the launch of LifeInCheck EBT and the opportunities it offers Louisiana clients,” said Shavana Howard, DCFS Assistant Secretary for Family Support. “Its mobile tool will put information at families’ fingertips around the clock, giving them greater control over their benefits and their lives.” 

“Now that this important first step is complete, Inmar Intelligence looks towards the future to deliver more modernized features for the State and SNAP/TANF recipients,” said Joyce Ballack, Vice President, Inmar Government Services at Inmar Intelligence. “We are dedicated to providing our analytical insight to create the best in class technology to improve the EBT industry across the States. We’ll continue to work on streamlining services, reducing program costs and overall making it easier for State users to give clients the help they need.” 

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