Inmar Intelligence’s LifeInCheck EBT Yields Zero System Outages or Benefit Delivery Interruptions for the State of Louisiana over Tumultuous Year

Inmar Intelligence | July 7, 2021

June 20, 2021 marked the one-year anniversary since Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, began processing EBT payments for the State of Louisiana’s SNAP, TANF, P-EBT, and D-SNAP programs. Inmar Intelligence is proud to announce that in a year of natural disasters, a pandemic, and many unexpected cases for Inmar Intelligence to manage and process, its innovative, future-proof LifeInCheck™ EBT processing solution reported zero system outages and zero benefit delivery interruptions. 

In the last year, three hurricanes impacted Louisiana, which led to three different D-SNAP instances, and the pandemic spurred the need for extending P-EBT relief. These circumstances added over 750,000 unexpected cases for LifeInCheck EBT to manage and process, and it did so with zero system outages. These challenges plus expected SNAP and TANF benefit administration resulted in LifeInCheck EBT settling more than $2.4 billion this past year.

“LifeInCheck EBT has been put through its paces with multiple disaster instances, including hurricanes Laura, Delta and Zeta, and extended P-EBT relief for the COVID-19 pandemic,” said John Helmle, Executive Vice President and President of FinTech at Inmar Intelligence. “Amidst these challenges, our dedicated and responsive project team plus the scalable and flexible system architecture of LifeInCheck EBT successfully managed these unexpected program volumes without interruption to the state or cardholders. Inmar Intelligence is proud of our work with the State of Louisiana and is excited about future collaboration to improve EBT processing.” 

In response to the work over the past year, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services Assistant Secretary Shavana Howard said, “This past year was challenging for Louisiana families, particularly those in need of food assistance. We were happy to work with Inmar to develop strategies to serve our clients — and we look forward to exploring new ways to serve them even better in the future.”

Inmar Intelligence’s LifeInCheck EBT processing solution helps federal and state users streamline internal operations and helps EBT cardholders save time and money through the LifeInCheck EBT mobile application. It was designed and developed by EBT experts that know what state needs are and how Inmar can positively impact the lives of EBT cardholders. Inmar Government Services is dedicated to innovating government assistance programs through next-generation, cloud-based payment processing technology. 

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