Inmar Intelligence | August 25, 2021

Inmar Intelligence, a data platform company, announced that its former product, RASMAS, is being updated and renamed to OneRecall™. With OneRecall, Inmar Intelligence is fully able to manage the recall process for both hospital pharmacies and pharma manufacturers creating a vertically assimilated experience for customers. The solution helps coordinate the different stages of the Recall process to reduce risks and transaction costs. Inmar Intelligence’s OneRecall solution is the only offering in the market that unites removal and disposition services of recalled products from healthcare facilities. 

With this upgraded solution, users can now automate completion of Business Response Forms (BRFs) and instantly document their recall responses while creating a record of recalled medications. In addition, pharmaceutical purchase data can be automatically fed to OneRecall. Health system pharmacies will no longer need to spend time on recall notices for products they have never purchased, which will  improve pharmaceutical recall workflow and inventory management. Through faster identification of recalled products, less staff time spent on unnecessary recalls and enhanced patient safety, many inefficiencies previously found in pharmacy settings will be solved.

“Inmar Intelligence has updated the product name of our recall management platform to aptly reflect the newly enhanced capabilities. By enabling more efficient recall response and accelerating removal of recalled drugs from the domestic supply chain, we are ensuring the safety of patients, the healthcare workforce and the environment,” said Dwight deVera, General Manager Healthcare at Inmar Intelligence. “The need for healthcare organizations to find a pathway to achieving regulatory compliance that is both efficient and economically sustainable is crucial. With this solution, both outcomes are possible.”

Inmar Intelligence is the undisputed leader in the Rx Recall industry. Currently over 60 percent of United States hospitals utilize its Recall Management solution to streamline workflow while remaining compliant with reporting and audit responses. This solution has also been found to reduce alert processing time by as much as 80 percent. The ongoing expansion of the Inmar Intelligence Healthcare Ecosystem enables comprehensive compliance support all along the drug supply chain as well as superior technology, essential data and critically needed insights. Inmar Intelligence has the unique operational depth, and breadth of expertise, to actively assist clients throughout the product lifecycle -- from purchase through return to final disposition.

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