Inmar Intelligence Partners with NOCAP Sports to Enable Advertisers to Activate Collegiate Athletes as Influencers

Inmar Intelligence | June 10, 2021

Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven, technology-enabled services company, today announced its strategic alliance with NOCAP Sports, a comprehensive platform allowing collegiate athletes to compliantly monetize their name, image and likeness (NIL) for the first time. This agreement will empower Inmar Intelligence, a recognized leader in influencer marketing, to work closely with its brand and retail partners to curate endorsement opportunities for the student-athletes using NOCAP’s platform and newly eligible-to-earn NIL revenue.

In July 2021, as a result of newly effective legislation, as many as 500,000 student-athletes in the U.S. will become eligible to use NOCAP’s platform to promote and grow their personal brand. Their collaborations with brands and retailers can include, but will not be limited to social media promotion of products or stores, attending events as a paid representative of the advertiser, and much more. In initial evaluations of student-athlete social profiles, engagement rates grew to more than 10 percent on average, which is around 5X the benchmark for influencers today. Student-athletes are also over-indexed in audiences residing in the area where their university is located, giving them a much more localized reach than influencers creating content on behalf of brands today.

“These are exciting times for student-athletes, brands and retailers, and fans of collegiate athletics, and we are thrilled to be on the leading edge of these changes alongside NOCAP Sports,” said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “The Inmar-NOCAP alliance is built with an athlete-first mentality, and together we have developed a world-class experience that enables student-athletes to capitalize on their local or national celebrity, while remaining compliant and maintaining focus on their academic and athletic pursuits. For our brand and retail partners, this creates a safe and scalable connection point where endorsement deals and custom campaigns can be managed end-to-end.”

This partnership between Inmar Intelligence and NOCAP delivers a best-of-breed platform experience that provides athletes with education and promotional opportunities, universities with the compliance tools to ensure athletes stay within the rules, and brands and retailers a way to activate athlete talent easily and safely. Inmar’s advertiser relationships span a variety of industries and retail verticals, including consumer packaged goods, beauty, apparel, entertainment, automotive, financial services, healthcare and more. Their solutions, which utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale to provide a variety of media, incentive and engagement technologies, are inspired by a new age of digital and technology-savvy consumers with changing expectations and behaviors. 

“We are looking forward to working with Inmar Intelligence to pioneer this new era of college athletics. From the beginning, our mission at NOCAP has always been to derive as much value for our athletes as possible and this partnership only furthers that mission,” said Nicholas Lord, CEO of NOCAP Sports. “In addition to other NOCAP NIL monetization opportunities, our athletes will now have Inmar’s powerhouse sales team behind them along with an extensive list of brand and retail clients who are eager to work with them.”

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