Inmar Intelligence | July 21, 2021

Inmar Intelligence, the data-driven technology-enabled services company, announced today that it has begun executing a safe drug disposal program in cooperation with the Contra Costa County Environmental Health Services. In an effort to combat prescription drug abuse in Contra Costa County, CA, The Safe Drug Disposal Program provides drug drop-off kiosk sites throughout the five districts in Contra Costa and makes mail-back envelopes available at several locations as well as via a toll-free number (888-371-0717) and website (

Inmar Intelligence offers a safe, secure solution for anyone to safely dispose of unwanted medications. Thirty-seven different drugs were found in the water after it was treated at 25 drinking water treatment plants across the U.S. and more Americans die every day from drug overdoses than ever in the country’s history. Misuse, abuse and improper disposal of prescription drugs are at the core of this problem. 

Inmar Intelligence is working with the Contra Costa County Environmental Health Services to expand and enhance access to safe drug disposal options and protect the county’s and greater state’s environment from the effects of improper disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medications. This program is funded by pharmaceutical manufacturers at no cost to pharmacies, other collectors or county residents.

Inmar Intelligence, the leader in facilitating the safe collection and disposal of unused and expired medication, is uniquely positioned to leverage its operational efficiencies, dispenser relationships and economies of scale developed as the largest provider of pharmaceutical reverse logistics services in the country to manage safe drug disposal programs on any scale. With this approval from the county of Contra Costa, Inmar Intelligence will begin executing a program that includes a network of easily accessible kiosks that the community can use to safely and appropriately dispose of their unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications, preventing diversion and misuse of the drugs, while reducing the risk to public health and the environment.

“With the level of prescription drug abuse on the rise since the pandemic began, and concerns about trace pharmaceuticals in the water, the implementation of the Safe Drug Disposal Program in Contra Costa county will provide a necessary method of safe and secure medicine disposal,” said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “Our all-inclusive, safe and secure program offers solutions for unwanted medications in cabinets at home and supports community efforts to combat the drug epidemic.”

Inmar Intelligence’s program is compliant with the DEA Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010. Inmar Intelligence is currently operating take-back programs with various retail partners and is also an approved Stewardship Plan Operator in several jurisdictions, including programs in Massachusetts, Oregon and several counties in California. Inmar Intelligence has over 4,000 drug take-back receptacles contracted nationwide and has over 90 licenses with state and local agencies, including DEA, FDA and DOT.

With more than 25 years helping healthcare clients, servicing over 50,000 pharmacies, over 80 percent of U.S. hospitals, and processing over 95 percent of the industry's wholesale returns, Inmar Intelligence is proud to be the leader in pharmaceutical returns.

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