Inmar Intelligence | June 16, 2020

Inmar Intelligence enables brands to drive purchase loyalty across multiple retail environments.  

Today, Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, announced a new product package within its conversational commerce platform, aimed at strengthening brand loyalty among consumers. Inmar offers the industry-leading transactional chatbot platform, powering brands to drive actual purchase loyalty across multiple retail environments, no matter the time period, while still delivering flexible and desirable rewards.

Through omnichannel ad deployment and optimization, bot creation, purchase validation, reward fulfillment and audience gathering, Inmar is the first seamless solution that helps drive brand loyalty. Consumers can enter the conversation through a multitude of entry points such as ads on social media or apps, in-store signage scan codes, direct links, email and brand websites.  

This is especially valuable as consumers are switching brands due to COVID-19 related product shortages. In a recent survey, Inmar found that 29.5 percent of consumers who purchased a competitive product (when faced with out-of-stocks) plan to repurchase the new brand even when their preferred brand is back in stock. An engaging loyalty program will be key as brands seek to retain customers long-term. 

Eighty percent of consumers say they want a personalized experience and are more likely to do business with a company that offers one,” said Leah Logan, VP, Media Production & Community Growth for Inmar Intelligence. “Inmar allows brands to cultivate a relationship with customers through deeper personalization, which opens the door for brands and retailers to engage with customers more often and over a longer period of time. We are very excited about the capabilities the brand loyalty experience offers consumers and brands, and we look forward to helping our brand partners increase ROI as a result of implementing this new package.”

Inmar’s brand loyalty solution works by allowing customers to accrue points for product purchases over time that can be cashed out for rewards like a Venmo payout or a retailer gift card. In a recent consumer survey, Inmar found that “Accruing Points from Purchases” was the number one benefit a retailer or brand could provide from the purchase of their products. Through this one-to-one communication channel brands can also share inspiration content,  special offers, product news, or remind consumers to purchase products to hit a point threshold.

With more than 47 percent of consumers open to purchasing items through a chatbot experience, conversational commerce offers the intersection between messaging, artificial intelligence and shopping that allows brands to engage with their customers in existing channels to drive success. There is no need for customers to sign-up for savings programming, download a retail app or provide a large amount of personal data to receive incentives such as cash back or gift cards during any part of the shopping journey. 

Logan added, “With many brands concerned about permanent share shifting, we see this as the best way to engage consumers to both build brand equity to protect from private-label encroachment and to maintain consistent purchases after the initial engagement. Our loyalty bot will provide marketers with the much-needed ability to build an on-going relationship and create an open dialogue with their customers effectively and efficiently. Smart brands will implement a strategy like this early in Q3 to use marketing dollars to start a continuous conversation that will fuel sales throughout the rest of the year.”

Whether it be in-store visits, attendance at an event, purchasing the product, or filling out a post-purchase questionnaire, all options lead to an easy-to-understand reward framework that supports multiple activities over time. From there, Inmar can see the person's actions from interaction through the purchase and message with them each step of the way. 

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