Inmar Intelligence Celebrates 42nd Anniversary In New Surroundings Following Year of Unprecedented Growth

Inmar Intelligence | May 4, 2022

Inmar Intelligence is celebrating its 42nd anniversary in a new location having moved its headquarters from 635 Vine Street in Winston-Salem, NC to 1 W. 4th St. The company, which started as Carolina Coupon Clearing in Winston-Salem in 1980, maintains its strong roots in the local community while its growth illustrates the rise of decentralized technology hubs outside of traditional tech strongholds such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York City. 

The office move was based on the evolving needs of Inmar’s workforce which is increasingly a combination of in-office and remote operations. The new headquarters is designed to provide the physical layout, accommodations and technology capabilities needed to facilitate the speed of innovation in this new hybrid environment as it leads digital transformation for clients and the industries it serves.

“Having our headquarters located in Winston-Salem is a tremendous advantage in today’s talent marketplace,” said Spencer Baird, interim CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “Since the company’s inception, the charm and personality of the city has enabled it to attract a broad range of talent but the pandemic and subsequent explosion of remote work, combined with a desire to relocate from large metro areas by many, has fueled a massive shift away from traditional tech hubs. Our tremendous growth over the past year is further proof that decentralized hubs are gaining massive ground in the tech landscape and we are excited about continuing that growth for another 42 years, and beyond.” 

In total, Inmar has invested over $1 billion in building out its data platform solutions through cutting edge in-house innovations combined with strategic acquisitions. Over the past 10 years, it has made 20 acquisitions which was punctuated in 2021 with the acquisition of Aki Technologies to expand retail media and personalized advertising capabilities for retailers and brands. This growth means that more than $120 billion in commerce is driven through Inmar’s technology platforms every year while it continues to expand further into international markets across Canada, Mexico and Europe. 

While experiencing accelerated growth the company continues to be a market leader across the industries it serves, receiving recognition from top analysts such as Forrester, as well as leading trade groups. It has also maintained its focus on providing an inclusive, fulfilling environment for employees, illustrated by its Great Place to Work Certification™.

“It’s an exciting time to be at Inmar as we celebrate 42 years with our growing number of associates,” said Sharon Joyner-Payne, Ph.D, EVP of corporate marketing and communications and great teams! “The pandemic pushed a lot of people to reassess their work-life situations and open their eyes to opportunities at innovative companies in different areas. This has helped support the expansion of our team here in Winston-Salem as well as our remote workforce. Our new headquarters in Winston-Salem is the perfect setting to serve as the hub for this leading-edge workforce that will support even more innovation and set the stage for future growth.”