Inmar Intelligence | October 19, 2021

Inmar Intelligence, an applied data platform company, today announced an easy-to-use Promotion Planner tool that, within seconds,  supplies brands with conventional recommendations and all the necessary metrics to implement a promotional offer.

Competition in the CPG space is at an all-time high with brands fighting for the attention and loyalty of price-sensitive shoppers and vying for precious shelf space at retailers. To aid in these efforts, companies undertake the task of creating promotional campaigns, which can be a daunting challenge. Promotion planning forces organizations to identify answers to complex questions related to the value of the promotion, what promotion method works best and where promotions should be distributed.

With this new tool, users simply fill out a brief interactive survey about their product, their goals, and how they want to structure their promotions based on budget and particular timing deadlines. Within seconds, Inmar Intelligence’s Promotion Planner uses analytics to provide a tailored recommendation indicating what coupon value is appropriate, which delivery method type should be chosen, and where promotions should be published for each campaign. This recommendation system allows marketers to reduce their time investment in the planning process by up to 60% and increase their offer efficiency by up to 20%.

“For small and mid-size CPG brands, our new Promotion Planner tool provides an essential component to consumer promotion planning that was previously challenging to overcome,” said John Helmle, President, FinTech, at Inmar Intelligence. “Users can simply input their needs and objectives and the Promotion Planner will guide them in the decision-making process.”

“The Promo Planner will greatly change my planning because it puts a great tool in MY hands,” says Tara Murray, Vice President of Marketing at Fresh Innovation LLC. “Since I have such a small marketing team, I plan when I can. I like that I can go into the Promotion Planner, plug in my information, and have a recommended plan appear, instantly! The Promo Planner provides the best programs, by retailer, and gives me the autonomy to review, change information and come up with the best plan for my product and budget. Also, as we gain new distribution, I’m able to go into the system and create programs around the new retailers to help drive sales and brand awareness.”

With the addition of the Promotion Planner tool to its suite of solutions, Inmar Intelligence continues to modernize consumer promotions through the use of technology and data. The Promotion Planner exemplifies the continuous innovation that is empowering manufacturers to achieve promotions execution success and complements the existing solutions delivered through Inmar’s Promotions Performance platform.

For more information about Inmar’s Promotion Planner tool, please register for one of our learning sessions for more information.


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