Inmar Intelligence | February 11, 2020


Provides additional support for pharmacy clients to remain compliant with new industry regulations


Inmar Intelligence announced today that it has acquired Forerunner Holdings Inc., the developers of RXTransparent, an SAAS platform allowing healthcare providers to put their finger on the pulse of drug supply chain through product inventory transparency, regulatory compliance and supply chain analytics. The acquisition brings with it two solutions that will support Inmar Intelligence’s pharmacy clients to make pharmacy operations more efficient and compliant with two recent industry regulations: DSCSA and USP <800>.


  • The DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance solution from RXTransparent is a cloud-based, highly secure and scalable subscription service that streamlines product tracing, optimizes transactional transparency and makes incident reporting of counterfeit, suspect or stolen product effortless with minimal impact on daily pharmacy operations.

  • The USP <800> Pharmacy Compliance solution includes a proprietary database of every hazardous drug listed on the NIOSH tables. Using this, Inmar Intelligence clients will be able to quickly create an Assessment of Risk (AOR) that identifies any hazardous drug in their facility and develop safe handling practices to protect healthcare workers against the long-term repercussions of exposure to these drugs. When used in conjunction with the DSCSA solution, it provides continuous monitoring of purchases, alerts clients if a new hazardous drug enters a formulary and adds the drug to the AOR. 


"Achieving compliance within the healthcare industry is only getting more urgent and failure to comply is not an option,” said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “Adding RXTransparent’s pharmacy compliance solutions to our already powerful healthcare platform provides our clients with an unmatched level of support to achieve and maintain compliance while saving time and protecting their staff, patients and facility.”

Inmar Intelligence works with 85 percent of all hospitals and drug manufacturers and over 50,000 pharmacies in the United States. 

"By combining forces with Inmar Intelligence, RXTransparent will not only be able to secure U.S. drug supply chain and healthcare workers from hazardous drugs, but we can now unlock the potential for broader synergies and innovations across the entire US healthcare pharmacy supply chain,” said Dwight deVera, Sr. Director, Product Strategy at Inmar Intelligence.

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