Inmar Inc. | January 31, 2018

Inmar to Integrate Gratafy into Digital Solutions

Inmar announced today that it will be integrating the Gratafy platform into Inmar's digital solutions. With Gratafy's network of over 5,000 restaurant and bar connected point of sale terminals, Inmar's customers will have increased access to promotional capabilities across the hospitality vertical. Additionally, Inmar's 100,000 retail locations can now activate chatbot, AI, and conversational commerce capabilities to enable personalized digital commerce at scale.

Gratafy has a proven track record of assisting merchants in key US markets to convert new consumers through digital sampling offers. For example, a major beverage brand successfully drove a consumer conversion rate of 67% using chatbot and conversational commerce offering. Additionally, a major beer brand experienced same store sales lift of 18% by utilizing Gratafy's Autonomous Sampling capabilities.

"We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to tap into the possibilities that Gratafy's platform adds to all our current offerings, including our prescriptive price and prescriptive social content" said Inmar Chairman and CEO David Mounts. "The enhanced platform will provide brand marketers with a clear way to demonstrate ROI of digital marketing efforts through directly connecting online advertising efforts to offline consumer purchases."

In leveraging the platform's data analytics tools, Inmar's clients will be able to glean greater consumer insights that will help shape future campaigns that activate shoppers, drive sales, and build brand loyalty.

"Inmar's platform already provides customers with powerful, enterprise-level insights that allow brands to make strategic decisions for where, when, and how to connect with consumers," said Ryan Halper, Co-founder of Gratafy. "We are excited to see how customers make even more informed decisions with the combined insights."