Inmar Inc. | July 10, 2018

Inmar Exits Print-at-Home Market as Load-to-Card Redemption Climbs 67%

Inmar announced today that the company is discontinuing its Print-at-Home (PAH) offering and re-allocating resources to Load-to-Card promotions, which are showing significant growth. Load-to-Card redemption volume climbed 67 percent in 2017 and more than doubled from Q1 2016 to Q1 2018 (+134 percent). As shoppers' usage of PAH has significantly declined in recent years, CPG brands are no longer investing in this coupon method and instead focusing on meeting consumer demand for personalization.

PAH redemption fell 44 percent and its share of total coupon redemption fell 36 percent in Q1 2018 relative to Q1 2017. In contrast, Load-to-Card (LTC) redemption volume climbed 67 percent in 2017. In Q1 2018, LTC's redemption volume was up 43 percent and share of redemption increased 66 percent compared to the previous year. In light of these shifts in redemption, major retailers have begun to cease their support of Print-at-Home programs in favor of paperless offers.

An industry leader in the LTC space, Inmar is actively working with leading brands and retailers to optimize their promotion strategies and respond to shopper demand for increased digital offers.

"It's no secret that the Print-at-Home coupon method is a dying tactic, and consumers are now favoring options that offer greater convenience and personalization," said David Mounts, CEO and Chairman of Inmar. "Inmar has always remained focused on helping our CPG manufacturer clients meet consumers' demands for an easier, faster and smarter saving experience. Our move to exit the Print-at-Home market to focus on Load-to-Card tactics will significantly increase our support of clients' targeted deployment of digital promotions across channels that activate shoppers and drive conversions."

Existing PAH and offers will continue to be eligible for redemption until expiration.

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