Inmar Intelligence | October 4, 2010

Inmar and Cashklick Enhance Digital Coupon Redemption Process at Retail

Inmar, the nation's leading provider of digital coupon clearing and other promotion transaction settlement, today announced the addition of a new coupon redemption technologies company, Cashklick, Inc, to its digital incentive network. Founded on European retail roots, Cashklick's innovative technology gives consumers the ability to save paperless coupons directly to a debit or credit card.

"The synergy created between Inmar and Cashklick is ideal," said Bob Carter, President of Inmar's Promotion Services division. "Just think, a consumer saves a digital coupon to their debit or credit card then seamlessly redeems the offer at checkout with one simple swipe. Through this partnership, we're not only giving manufacturers another creative offer distribution option, but also driving more customers to retailer's stores by providing an enhanced shopper experience at point-of-sale."

According to the Nilson Report, debit and credit card transactions now account for more than half of all transactions, compared to 29 percent a decade ago. The combination of Inmar's network and Cashklick's easy to implement solution for rapid, automated and secure digital coupon redemption at checkout will make it possible for retailers to easily distribute a wealth of offers to shoppers for products they want using a preferred payment type.

"This partnership will enable us to quickly deliver a large flow of digital coupons to retailers," said Christian Duroux, CEO of Cashklick, Inc. "It will also allow us to offer our clients Inmar's accurate, flexible and trusted financial settlement platform for digital promotional offers."


About Cashklick, Inc. In an era of convergence of services at checkout Cashklick's mission is to empower consumers to turn coupons into cash™ on their debit or credit cards. Cashklick introduces the "save coupons to payment cards" at publishers and provides retailers with an innovative technology for rapid, automated and secure coupon redemption at checkout. Cashklick is an easy to implement solution for driving more customers into stores. Contact info lley

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