Inmar Inc. | July 6, 2016

Inmar and Allegacy Technology Teams Take Their Skills to Those Needing Tech Help

Quality of life is increasingly influenced by one's access to and ability to use technology — job, school, healthcare, finances, entertainment - there are few areas that do not require some level of proficiency. But, not everyone has access to tech support when they have questions or need help with anything from troubleshooting problems with a personal computer or mobile device to learning ways in which technology can help them most every day.

Inmar began its Community Tech Night program in 2015, in conjunction with WinstonNet, a community technology nonprofit, to offer free technology support to members of the community. Due to the program's success, Allegacy Federal Credit Union's Technology team is now collaborating with Inmar to expand the program's reach in Winston-Salem.

"This program has been very successful due to the commitment and spirit of Inmar's tech "gurus." We have received great feedback from the residents. We are very excited to welcome the Allegacy team which gives us the opportunity to expand the program to two locations," Lynda Goff, WinstonNet Executive Director.

The teams will set up help desks at both the 14th Street and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Centers in Winston-Salem from 6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m., Thursday, July 14. No appointment is necessary and assistance is free.

Anyone needing help with a technology/smartphone/tablet/desktop computer problem, or wanting to learn more about using them, is invited to attend. A Chromebook notebook computer will also be given away at each location.

"Previous Tech Nights have demonstrated the need for assistance exists," says Greg Kerr, Inmar's chief technology officer. "We're happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Allegacy team to expand the program to an additional location."

"We have great respect for what the team at Inmar is building through this program and our team is excited to support it as part of Allegacy's commitment to doing the right thing for the wellbeing of our community," says Ernest Hanington, vice president, Technology, for Allegacy.

Inmar also plans to expand the program to its Austin, Texas location later this year.